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Why do people decide buy?

If you know the answer to this question, you will be able to sell anything to anyone and you will become extremely influential at the game of life and business.

Come to think of it, every day, every where, we are always trying to sell something to someone. Trying to sell an idea to a family member or a friend. You try to sell your products or services.

Simply put, you are always trying to influence someone else’s decision. You want to get a yes to that job application. You want to get a yes to that relationship proposal. You want a yes for your business pitch. A yes to the request you made.

But how do you get a yes to everything you ever wanted? Well there are buttons to press. If you know what makes them to buy, you will know what button to PRESS inorder to get a YES.

Buying decision is influenced largely by emotions, somehow by logic and sometime by price.

The three buttons are;

🔵 Price 🏧

🔵 Logic 🤔

🔵 Emotions 💃

This is how it works. Pricing is the least on list. If you don’t press the logic and emotion buttons, people will make their buying decisions based on your price. Once you press the logic button, they will buy without seeing the price, as long as it makes sense to buy. Once you press the emotion button, they will buy no matter what. Even when the price is unreasonable, they will buy. Even when it doesn’t make sense to buy, they will still go ahead and buy. So it turns out that emotions is the magical button here.

Hellen understood this. Hellen launched a boutique business. Before launching the business, she did a research on how much people were pricing their products. So she priced her products according to the price range for the same outfits in the market ( Price button). She noticed that whenever her price is lower than the range, she gets more sales. Unfortunately, cost of stock rose higher, pushing her price slightly above the price range in the market. In the next few months, she painfully watched her customers bypass her boutique and go to buy from here nextdoor competitor.

Hellen’s customers continued to reduce in numbers. What makes it worst is the fact that, some of her walk in customers were also walking away without buying anything, after only asking for the price of her outfits. She had to do something to retain her customers, or else she will be out of business!

After a lot of thoughts, Hellen found a way. She was going to make a banner with a brief description of the original fabrics that her products were made of and the benefits of her products. ( Logic button). She did and it worked. Customers began to come into her boutique in large numbers again and sales increased. The numbers were good and she was happy.

But Hellen wanted more. She wanted to build a brand and not just a business. She wanted to gain loyal tribe of customers. After a lots of thoughts and brainstorming, she got an idea. Inorder to achieve her dream, she overhauled her stocks and brought in plus size dresses for women who have large body size and in her marketing message, she advocates for self love, loving your body, being fashionable even when you are overweight.( Emotions button). This changed everything, she ended up building a community of loyal customers who will never mind of the price. And they will never think of buying from the nextdoor competitor.

Hellen’s story applies to business, however these buttons work in every aspect of life.

The psychology behind any buying decision is this; In the absence of sense and feelings, humans decide in the favor a favourable cost. If it makes sense, they won’t mind the cost. But if they like the feelings it gives them, even when the cost is ridiculously high, even if it doesn’t make sense, they will go for it anyway. I guess that’s why they say love is blind.

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