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What you should know before becoming an enterpreneur

Have you decided to be brave enough to finally start your own business in the last half of 2021? So you want to join the craziest breed of human beings called entrepreneurs? Well, then I would like to tell you that the place you are stepping into is a war zone. You are going to be knocked down several times until you prove that you are strong enough to stay in business.

That is the mindset you should have. You should prepare for war and hope for peace. And to be honest, it is not going to be easy but it is going to be possible.

Here are things you should know ahead of time before starting your own business;

You will want to quit but hang in there.

Like I said you will be punched in the face. You will want to quit. Sales will be lower than projected, you will run out of cash, you will encounter wrong employees, bad decision, etc. There are millions of things that can possibly go wrong and you can’t foresee all of them. So be assured that you are going to experience some sort of mess. Be ready not to quit when they happen.

Pride will set but remember you are a salesman first, not a CEO.

The first thing a new entrepreneur wants to claim is the title CEO and business owner or boss. You deserve this but the problem is that it affects your perspective and focus. As a result, you may focus too much on being on the commanding side. And yet the first thing you as an entrepreneur should strive for is cashflow. You should focus on cash flow because it is the lifeblood of your business.

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An entrepreneur should be a salesman first because that is what brings in the cash your business need. Direct your focus to sales by seeing yourself not as an owner but as a Salesman. No matter how formal your business is, you are not making money, you are not in business.

You will be tempted to work less and earn more.

If you are going to quit your job to start a business because you want freedom, I’m sorry to tell you that there is no freedom here. There is more work here. At the job, you work 9-5, less than eight hours. Here there is more than one man’s job on you so you are going to work extra hours with no money guarantee. Get your mindset right, you will work more earn less while building your business assets for bigger future rewards.

When starting a business, your mindset should be to build business assets for future rewards

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You are a Leader Not a manager. You set the pace not dictate it.

You need to know that when you want to work with employees or partners, you are going to need to lead them and not manage them. You are going to demonstrate your best skills for them to copy and you will have to give them enough space to innovate, make mistakes learn and adapt to your companies values.

The early days are not time to Look rich. It’s time to build the foundation.

I also want you to know that you will be tempted to look like the CEO they put in millionaires quote graphics. Expensive suits, cars and the rest. That’s your future don’t live it too early, you will spoil the present. At this beginning time, you should focus on building the foundation for the millionaire earnings you are dreaming of. Don’t erase the future too early.

You need a beginner’s mind. Your business has a lot of business to teach you.

Finally, you don’t need to know much to start. You need to get started but with a beginner’s mind willing to know all that is there to be learned in your field.

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